Hey you! I'm Nancy. 
Thanks for looking around my website. 
You clicked on this page so here's some deets about me...

When it comes to design and décor some might call me addicted or obsessed, I prefer the word passionate.  When I'm not parenting our crew of growing guys, I spend most of my waking moments sourcing, planning, and managing design projects.  What started as helping family and friends blossomed into The Décor Detective.  Whether you need help finding the perfect piece you’ve been searching for or don’t have any idea of where to start to make your house feel like home let’s chat…


In case you're wondering...I launched my own business in 2016, based on a nickname I garnered over the years: The Decor Detective. Its an homage to my love of sourcing interior design products, especially while saving money doing it!

More random facts...

Between parenting three crazy-wonderful boys and following my passion for finding deals and decorating, what else do I manage to squeeze into a day? It ain't sleep, that's for sure... I wish! What I lack in sleep I make up for with caffeine. I love coffee more than I should and if that's wrong I don't want to be right.

I love running...especially after the run is done. I train with a running group because its cheaper than therapy. I used to run to eat but now I {try to} eat to run. Its less fun, trust me. I eat dark chocolate daily and red wine - not daily, sadly, and not as often as I want. Ha! 

I love anything Brene Brown. She's my tribe although she doesn't know it. Yet. ;) 

Last year I learned life is short. 

Sometimes too short. 
You blink and its done. 
This ain't no dress rehearsal! 
Face your fears. 
Chase your dreams. 
Live like you were dying, because guess what? 
Every day is a gift. Open it up with joy!
 Show up for your life. 
Dare greatly. 
I am. 
You're reading this and that's proof. 

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Need my help sourcing something you've been looking for yourself {or a client}? 
Whether you're a homeowner or a designer with no time...I can help.

Maybe your budget won't stretch for a real deal.

Need help finding the look for less? 
Look no further. 
I got your back.

Want to decorate your home and have no clue where to start? 
Hit the easy button. 
Start here.

Are you a design lover too and just need an objective opinion about a design dilemma?
Been there, done that, call me.

Said yes yet?
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Don't be bashful.
My brother always reminds me, the bashful go hungry! 
I'd love to chat with you about your project! 


  1. We must talk! Please check out our new blog littleblackdomicile.com and let me know best way to contact you. -Laurel Bledsoe

    1. Hi Laurel! love your new blog...its lovely. send me an email at thedecordetective {at} gmail.com thanks for stopping by ;)


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