Tuesday, March 28, 2017

shut the {barn} door

If you love all things design and decor
then you'll know what I mean about domino decisions
where one thing leads to another.
I'll save you the chain reaction 
that lead me to discover Jeff Lewis's 
latest product line...barn doors.
I know.
I thought I couldn't love him more
but I do now...

Note these are not available in store until November 
but you can order them online to be shipped
either to your home or to your local store.
I predict they'll do gangbusters
which I'm sure Jeff loves to hear 
now that he's a new dad.

I love that they each come in four colorways 
complete with blocking and hardware for installation.

Looks like more styles recently rolled out...

Yes, I think one of these beauties will finally complete
my twins' shared bathroom reno.

First paint, then tile, now doors.
All at Home Depot. 
I can't wait to see what Jeff and his team come up with next.


  1. Nancy I love the first barn door so much! Thanks for the inspo.

    1. You have excellent taste! Thanks for reading Ashley!

  2. Love these. My sister put one on her pantry and it looks fabulous! Have a great weekend, Nancy.

    1. Thanks Katie! Hope you have a fantastic weekend too!



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